Friday, October 8, 2010

Chocobo Costume Collection

Baby Chocobos                 

Fully Grown Chocobo         


Chocobos are creatures, first introduced in Final Fantasy II, that the characters mount and ride like a horse. This critter is a flightless bird that helps a player move around faster and defeat enemies with clawing and pecking attacks. The Chocobo's call is a "kweh" (kue) or when translated in English to a "warp."
For Halloween this year the Chocobo can be a perfect costume for gamers and Final Fantasy fans alike.
The items below are handmade by artists found on that can be pieced together for a Chocobo costume. Finding your costume piece by piece can be a fun way to put yourself into the Halloween mood as well as being an economical choice to purchase items you can wear casually after Halloween.
If this is just the right costume for you click on the links below the items that catch your attention to see the artist's shop.

Safir Hime

A hat that is the epitome of a Chocobo! Perfect for your Chocobo costume.
Keeping in mind that Halloween tends to be a tid bit chilly, this hat will keep your ears toasty warm making the night more enjoyable.

Vicious Cosmetics

Seeing as a Chocobo's feathers are golden yellow our flesh color eyelids just won't do. To become a Chocobo this mineral eye shadow will be a perfect tool for the transformation.
To create a believable effect of golden Chocobo feathers, this eyeshadow could also be dusted on various areas of the face giving off the appearance of a golden glow. Pair it up with lighter hues of yellow and a luminescent white for the highlights, apply the darker hues to the contours of your face and lighter tones on upraised areas of the face.

Example of upraised areas and contours of your face:

Facial Contours

Highlighting Areas

Danielle Mcallister

Going along with the yellow feathers, these earrings will bring the Chocobo look together.

Another version of feather earrings, they remind me of the baby Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIII, being all cute and fluffy.

Being as feathery as you can be is just what a bird is about. Here is a feather necklace to adorn your Chocobo neck.

If you are into making jewelry here is a charm to concoct your own necklace and earings.

A bird is only a bird if it has wings, weather it soars like an eagle or waddles like a penguin. So here are your Chocobo wings you can flap to help you run faster.

Reflections Byds

As was mentioned earlier, Halloween can be cold. Keep warm this year with this soft yellow glove and scarf set 


A Chocobo decal scarf to keep the blistering cold from getting to you. 

Hand knitted mittens that resemble Baby Chocobo wings.

An adorable yellow jumper for the body of your Chocobo outfit. After Halloween this one piece can be kept until summertime next year or warn through the winter with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of stockings or leggings underneath.

This bubble skirt looks like the bottom of a baby Chocobo, that condensed chubbiness that all babies seem to be born with, cute as can be. Again this can be worn after the Holidays are over for any occasion.

The Ruffles look like feathers on this dress.  

Although this dress is more of a sunshine yellow rather than a golden yellow, the pockets on the sides look like little wings. 

For a more formal Halloween party here is a fancier version of the ruffle dress. Although this is an elegant dress, it can easily be dressed down to fit your everyday attire.  

A baby doll dress that has that chick-a-dee shape that Chocobos have makes a darling addition to this costume.

A sweater for the cold chill and a cute one to keep wearing through the winter months to come.

A jacket that also has that Chocobo shape, is another way to stay warm.

These orange leggings have two purposes, practicality and looks. Pair them with orange stockings, like this picture shows, and you will surely stay warm. Seeing as the legs and feet of a Chocobo are orange, these make sense for this costume as well as having a charming appeal. They're great to keep around for the winter months as well. 

 Flats are always a comfortable shoe to wear especially if you plan on walking door to door for trick-or-treating or standing all night at a party. They are also a fashionable chose so your feet can find their way back in them soon after the Halloween festivities.

These slippers are the perfect image of Chocobo feet making them and ideal addition to this costume.

Trick-or-Treating requires something to carry your goods in, so heres a Chocobo bag to hold your candy while you gallivant around being a Chocobo yourself.

Although this bag is suppose to represent a chick-a-dee, baby Chocobos are almost the mirror image of a baby chick, so it works with your costume while holding your sweets.

Here is a simple but cute bag that stays out of the spotlight, allowing your costume to take center stage.

Heres a baby chick costume that can be interchangeably used as a Chocobo costume for little ones. This is a costume that will spike the adorable meter.

If you are looking to add a few handmade touches of your own, these feathers will serve you well. For your hair you can use these feathers to make your own head piece, hair clip, or head band. You can also apply these feathers with a specialized adhesive to your eyes like fake eyelashes. These can even be made into a tail to clip on to the back of your outfit, add an extension ribbon to either side of the tail to tie around your waist, or make an elastic band to stretch over your head to wear securely on your hips.

Have an exciting Halloween!

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