Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Hats

Rek and Jk's Shop

From The PNut Gallery's Shop

The Best Etsy Shop's Shop

Pixiebell's Shop

Beatrice McClelland's Shop

Elf's Shop

 Knittles' Shop

Jamie Sierra Knits' Shop

Saint Reagans Hollow's Shop

 Love and Knit's Shop

Spun Out Originals' Shop

Leaf Lee's Shop

Obsidian Kitten's Shop

Etsy has a lot of original artwork to offer, especially when it comes to wearable art,unique and handmade. The winter months can be fun when you are wearing a custom made monster on your head or a mohawk without having to cut your hair. These are some examples of hats found on that express the creativity the website has to offer. If a particular hat jumps out at you, the link to each hat's shop is directly under its picture.

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  1. Great hats!
    Thank you for including mine!


  2. What a delightfully fun post! I love your choices and am thrilled to see one of my monsters here. Happy hats unite!

  3. I love the wing hat!!!
    Wow, I can't believe I am part of these amazing artist!!!! Thank you for including me.